MH17 Investigation Going Off In ‘Wrong Direction’ Could Embarrass ‘Many Powerful People’ – 31 March 2015

RT logoThere is so much political pressure over the MH17 crash in Ukraine that investigators would rather conclude that no one really knows what happened than make several powerful people look foolish, believes Robert Parry, editor of Consortium News.

More than eight months since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down above war-torn eastern Ukraine, speculation in international media is only adding fuel to the blame game, while no actual evidence to back claims has been released.

The US intelligence community is failing to share its own discoveries into the crash, fearing it will lead the investigation in the “wrong” direction, Robert Parry told RT.

RT: Are there any facts behind this suggestion that there could be some information that we’re not being told from American intelligence about what happened to MH17?

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