Sophia Love – After The Shift – Walking On New Ground – 31 March 2015


We’ve shifted and this alters the course of everything.  This may not be recognized today as pivotal, yet from this month on things have irrevocably changed.  If you’ve been waiting for the day, well, wait no longer.  This is not the only shift we’ll go through, but it was a substantial one.

Your experience of this will be one crafted by you alone.  When you chose to participate, it was with full knowledge of the shift upon us now.  The change that just occurred will reverberate out and when and how you feel it very much hinges on choices made by you thus far.

What is always true is that you are in control.  Yet you reside within a field that was altered 2 weeks ago.

It’s like being on a boat – the tide rises and falls while you sail and float – how aware you are of the change depends on where your boat is sitting and where you are inside of it as well.  The boat and you will adjust to the tide.  You may not even know this.  If your life is about being deep in the shifting waters – you will feel every alteration and each will affect your life, your day, your work.  This time is all about choices and actions taken by you and those you are with now.

What must be considered is every facet of this being that is you.  All actions taken – those physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – will impact the wholeness of you.  You are not a conglomeration of isolated parts.  You are One.

This point, the fact of our unity, is what I am seeing demonstrated everywhere.  We react and act in complete wholeness.  If there is anger in our actions, each component of us expresses the violence.  If there is compassion, all parts experience the peace.  There are no separations, despite how we have been taught.  We are One; you cannot isolate any single aspect of us.  This unification of our self-understanding begins the process of our collective unity.  Do you see?  Once we experience unity on a visceral level, we will experience it daily, with everything and everyone.

It is a fallacy that separates your soul from your body – you are multi-dimensional.  You exist as a multitude of forms and aspects.  All of you exists this way.  In any circumstance, fractal, lifetime or focus you are One – whole, complete and joined.

The separation of your body, mind, heart and soul has been intentionally preached to reinforce polarity.  No part of you is separate – like fingers on the same hand – every thought impacts the body, every feeling impacts the mind, every physical action impacts the heart and every nonphysical intent/prayer impacts each thought.  The circle continues and is complete and inclusive.

What does this mean in our day to day?  It means that what we think and feel in our hearts and our gut, our head and our torso, our soul and our big toe are alternate expressions of one energy.  This is inescapable truth, whether or not it is recognized or acknowledged by most of society.  Unity is a fact.

You are One singular unit of source energy – eternal essence expressed now as a physical being. The vibratory shift Gaia just went through is being felt in every part of you. As all of you adjusts to this new frequency, many things will be easier for you.  Those that are not, well, you will have to determine whether or not to continue them.  We are literally on new ground.  The ground we came to walk on together.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


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