Sophia Love – Ask Me: How Do We Escape This Prison Planet? – 1 April 2015

SophiaLoveNew“This has been called a “prison planet”.  How can we escape from the system, the slavery system, as it has been this way for many, many generations?”

An interesting question.  I believe it is not so much a question of escape but of mindset.  We have been engineered with a pre-disposition for worship.  If you consider the numerous ancient ruins discovered, many thousands of years old, that were clearly made by someone with advanced technologies, an obvious question is “who made them and why?”.  There are no clear answers.  Yet mankind still today holds reverence for these beings; beings that no one alive has ever seen, or ever heard about from another living human.  This tendency to obey and to work for praise or prize is not evident in every sentient race; yet it seems fundamental in humanity.

Perhaps, once created, the human race was ripe for the picking.  Perhaps, a being or group of beings with advanced abilities and an appetite for attention/praise/worship moved in and the idea of “god” was born.  Perhaps we willingly got down on our knees, believing it would grant us favor and things that we could not get on our own.  Perhaps great acts of creation and power were used then, to convince us it was a good idea to obey.  No one alive today has seen this or any god actually, so the question arises “why are we still on our knees?”.

The necessity for worship is the mindset that first will need to change, in order for freedom to ensue.  You are not free if you are beholden to any other being or system. The being that is worshipped as a “god” on earth is sovereign.  It worships no other. It has an addiction to getting worship.  All that it does is motivated by that addiction.

It understands what it needs and creates it; no cost is too great for it perceives no expense.  It knows that there is always more.  It understands the focus required for satisfaction and maintains that focus always because to do otherwise would prove to be self-destructive.  This being is not self-destructive. It serves only itself.  It has no expectations. It goes after whatever it needs/wants and it gets it always.  Its needs are not negotiable.

If a being such as this one was held in a slavery system, it would merely create around itself another system it could control, and utilize it for its own benefit.  It would never negotiate or imagine anyone other than itself in control.

A mindset similar to this is what sovereignty demands.  This is a completely self-centered way of being, and as such it sounds distasteful.  I believe it is upon the human to utilize a similar system, only to consider all of humanity at each creative decision; the “self”, in other words, is the collective.  Oneness demands the inclusion of all of us. We can create whatever we set our mind to create.  Tenacity and focus are critical to success.

There is no true “escape” in the traditional “get out of jail” fashion. The earth is our home. Each time we stand for our needs and our freedom, we step into sovereignty.  This is a process that we are creating with each individual and group effort.  We cannot see the entire effect from our vantage point, yet it exists. We need each other, impact each other, and together we free each other.  We truly are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Thanks for the great question!


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