Bill Ballard – Eclipse Energies Increasing – 4D Lower Astral Vibrations Being Transmutted – 3 April 2015

So much Super HIGH LIGHT energies are coming in since the Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago and building to the lunar eclipse 2 days from now… whew… The Purification is simply BEYOND… I made a Facebook post yesterday about just that and everyone seems to be feeling it. Here is the original post on my Facebook page.…

There is much scientific data on the Schumann Resonance coming out and here are a few posts these past days.… Funny as this article seems to be written to me.. hehe LOVE!…

Yup ALL is speeding up.. and as we have this Cosmic Fire put under us and into our lives, we must go through a “Spiritual Distillation Process”

How could it be any other way?

Stayin in my Archangel Michael Frequency Field as all the astral BS of this Cosmic Hurricane unfolds…. hehe

Lots of LOVE!

aka Manna Ra ~ Ma Na Ra
aka Walking Star.


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