Iran Deal Not Cast In Stone, There’s Still A Backup Plan’ – 3 April 2015

RT logoThere are issues – including ballistic missiles and Iran’s alleged involvement in supporting terrorism – that could be used by Israel and backed by the US congress as an excuse to scupper the nuclear deal before June, says defense consultant Moeen Raoof.

Israel has always been strongly opposed to any nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time, Israel – which has so far refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty – is suspected of having a stockpile of 80 nuclear warheads. There is also Saudi Arabia that is seeking a way to sabotage the nuclear deal, as well.

RT: Israel allegedly possesses a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. Why is it so interested in what Iran is doing?

Moeen Raoof: Israel wants to be the only power in the Middle East because it is moving more Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank, and it wants to dominate the whole area. If there are any other nuclear powers in the area then Israel has competition. And it doesn’t want any competition at all.

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