Israel Will Mobilize All ‘Friends And Assets’ To Try And Derail Iran Nuclear Deal – 3 April 2015

RT logoAlthough Israel will mobilize all resources to try and derail Iran’s nuclear deal, Washington’s allies in the Middle East will eventually have to adjust to a new reality, Daoud Khairallah, Professor of International Law at Georgetown University, told RT.

RT: It is a positive step, but the US and France, they are already insisting that sanctions will return if Iran does not comply. Does that suggest that perhaps trust is still an issue here?

Daoud Khairallah: I trust Iran will comply, and there is no reason to doubt this. President Obama said in fact said that this deal is in security interests of the US primarily and the rest of the world. I trust that as a result of this deal, if it reaches logical conclusion, it will lead to major change of state of mind and the way relations are taking place between Iran and the rest of the world. And it will have a very positive impact primarily in fighting terrorism, fighting Al-Qaeda and its derivative ISIS, Al-Nusra and so on.

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