Méline Portia Lafont – DEcoding And DEactivation Of The Human Mind – 3 April 2015

MélineMy precious hearts and friends,

The Tool which I have been speaking about in my last video is available and online!! As promised: my followers and subscribers will be gifted of this tool as a thank you for your support over the years.  If you are a follower of this blog, my Facebook page and Facebook profile and my website, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter on my website http://www.melinelafont.com and you shall receive this Tool as a gift as well.  For your friends and families this Tool can be found at my webshop at a very small rate.

Decoding and Deactivation of the Human mind is a channeled Tool in audio format and PDF format. You receive a symbol, light codes, Colors, light tones and vibrational tones to assist you in this process.

We move from the mind box to the Heart box.

“we transcend that which has been encoded within the Human mind. These codes have been implemented within our soul and DNA, energy fields and chakras to hold us in the matrix of illusion so that we were involved to play out the roles of slavery and entrapment in time. As we now move on and out of this illusionary way of being we now decree to move out of this and decode and deactivate the Human mind as it was programmed many centuries ago.”

This Symbol given to you by the Elohim of Light ~ The Council of Light ~ will assist you in this decoding and deactivation of the Human mind and will move you into the surging of purification, and code activation of God consciousness while simultaneously removing the old codes of the mind matrix.

This is an especially high vibrating exercise to be done with headphones and repeated on a regular base.

This includes one small manual and 1 audio guided meditation around 33 minutes with light language, codes and vibrational tones, Solfeggio tones. You can find this Tool and purchase it at my webshop.

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