Wes Annac – Giving Our Creativity To Source – 3 April 2015

wesannac2By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I want to share something I think is important for anyone who wants to use creativity to raise their consciousness and reach others who are starting to awaken.

I’ve realized in the past couple years that creativity in any form is intended to be a path back into a higher state of consciousness, and the great thing about it is that we can use it to elevate ourselves and the people who find their way to our work.

Unlike meditation, which you have to participate in before you can feel its effects, creativity allows us to lighten our vibration and the vibration of anyone who’s present.

As long as we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves, we can use our creativity to uplift ourselves and everyone else who’s awakened and searched for material that’ll quench their thirst for art and a deeply embedded higher consciousness.

The only downside to creativity is that we could end up expecting too much of ourselves, and this is why I wanted to share something that recently struck me.

Other spiritual writers have mentioned that the best way to release our tension and enjoy life is to give our cares and stresses away to Source, who can help us instantly transmute them and find the blissful higher perception we crave when our vibration’s low.

We can take that concept even further and give our creativity over to Source, thus diminishing any creative pressure we might’ve put on ourselves. When we give that pressure over to the highest creative source in existence, we effectively diminish the self-created burdens that can come with honing our talent.

Whether we write, paint, play music or do anything else, some of us tend to make the process harder than it needs to be by putting undue pressure on ourselves.

Almost every creative person probably holds it against themselves when they face writer’s block or anything else that seems to deplete the creative flow, and society reinforces the apparent need to be experts at whatever we do.

We will be experts if we work hard to develop our talent, but in giving it over to Source, we can trust that as long as we stick with it and stay active, the higher power we’ve turned it over to will help us out in the long run.

We don’t have to stress ourselves out if we don’t seem good at what we’re doing, and we can keep in mind that things will smooth out in the long run if we remember our true purpose for doing all of this, which is to use our art to spiritually evolve and subsequently help others.

If we approach our creativity with the goal of using it to expand our minds, we’ll realize that we have no reason to turn it into a burden. While we want to be good at it, we don’t want to make ourselves miserable getting there. Thus, letting Source have a bigger role in it will help us enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Why not offer everything we do to our creator? We’ll eventually be back with Source, but until then, the best thing we can do to maintain our connection is allow him/her to work through us when we’re creative.

I resonate a lot with the idea that we can open up and allow a higher aspect of our consciousness to express itself through us via our creativity, and we can accept this connection’s results without convincing ourselves it has to be a certain way before we can be happy with it.

Creativity is creativity, and all forms of it are valid and accepted in the eyes of Source. I think it’s important for everyone to find their creative center and pursue the passion that usually results, and I can only imagine what society would be like if everyone were passionate about art and spirituality.

If we think of creativity as a spiritual practice that reconnects us with our creator and allows that omnipotent consciousness to express itself through us, we realize that we no longer have to worry about how good we as individuals are at it.

We’re learning that we’re more than simple humans, but when we open up to Source, we open up to our own divinity and infinity and we feel inspired to passionately pursue it.

When we become a channel for the Christ consciousness that’s always laid dormant within, we realize that we’re capable of anything we set our minds to, work hard at and, perhaps most importantly, offer to our creator.

We can surrender all the stress, pressure and tension we tend to put on ourselves, be it related to creativity or anything else, and we can open up to our creator and let him/her take the wheel, effectively allowing us to take a sigh of relief.

We’ve never been meant to stress ourselves out, especially over our art, and the purpose of our existence is to realize that we’re cells of a creator of infinite love and acceptance. With this realization in mind, we can enjoy life and use creativity and meditation (among other things) to keep our connection strong.

I’m convinced that writing and music, when given to Source as an offering, are potent ways to raise our vibration and enjoy a good meditation.

The writing flow is a form of meditation because it opens us up to a deeper, more expressive aspect of our consciousness (eventually connecting us with Source), and you probably don’t need me to tell you how music is relevant to a higher consciousness.

I sincerely believe we can use these creative outlets to uplift ourselves and our planet, and I think it’s important that we do. In trying to hone them, however, we don’t want to forget that our main goal in pursuing them is to keep our connection with Source strong.

This is the true purpose of our existence, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can strengthen our crucial creative and spiritual connections. There will come a time when our creativity restores and enhances our sense of energy and spirituality (it probably already does for a lot of us), and this is one of many goals we strive for.

As long as we keep our goals in mind and keep our creative/spiritual connections strong, our bond with our inner realms will enhance our creative flow (and vice versa), increasing our passion in the process.

We’ll solidify our connection with Source, and fear, stress and frustration will be replaced with love, compassion, excitement, creativity and inner peace. It’s time to reclaim our creativity in the name of our creator, and when we do, we’ll never have trouble expressing ourselves again.

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