Kansas To Allow Concealed Carry Without Permit Or Training – 4 April 2015

RT logoKansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed a law authorizing the carrying of concealed handguns in the state without a license or a training requirement. When it goes into effect, Kansas will become the fifth state with such a concealed carry law.

“I am pleased to sign Senate Bill 45 bill today. I have been – and continue to be – a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights,” Brownback said Thursday as he signed the bill, flanked by Republican lawmakers and representatives from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA).

The bill, known as constitutional carry, was introduced into the state Senate with 26 co-sponsors – five more legislators than necessary to pass the bill, the Wichita Eagle reported. It passed the GOP-led Senate 31-7 in February. One Republican voted against the bill, and two Democrats voted for it. In the state House of Representatives, the bill passed 85-39 at the end of March, with four Democrats supporting it, and 16 Republicans voting against it.

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