Senator Feinstein Calls For Internet Ban Of Anarchist Cookbook And Inspire Magazine – 4 April 2015

RT logoFollowing the arrest of two women in New York for allegedly conspiring to build a weapon of mass destruction, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called for the banishment of a bomb-making book and an Al-Qaeda-published magazine from the internet.

Feinstein is currently Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, but under her chairmanship of the committee, which ended last year, she was responsible for the release of the report on the CIA’s use of torture against detainees during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She released her request on Friday.

I am particularly struck that the alleged bombers made use of online bomb making guides like the Anarchist Cookbook and Inspire Magazine. These documents are not, in my view, protected by the First Amendment and should be removed from the Internet,” said Feinstein in a statement.

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