Bairns Not Bombs: Hundreds Say No To Trident In Glasgow Rally – 5 April 2015

RT logoOver 2,500 protesters have hit the streets of Glasgow for a ‘Bairns not Bombs’ demonstration, calling for UK’s Trident nuclear weapons program to be scrapped.

The rally, one of the largest of its kind ever held in Glasgow, was organized by the Scrap Trident group and will be followed by a blockade of Faslane Naval Base where the submarines carrying the nuclear deterrent are docked on April 13. Bairns is a word only used in Scottish English to describe a small child.

Police estimated that some 2,500 people attended the rally, but organizers said the figure was higher and placed it closer to 4,000.

Scotland’s First Minister and head of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Nicola Sturgeon, told the crowd it was morally indefensible to waste £100 billion ($149 billion) on replacing the subs.

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