Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Everything Comes To You Through Your Relationship With Source – 5 April 2015

LarryLarsonWhy is our relationship with money often so difficult?

Only when it interferes with your relationship with Source. So this can be true for many things, not just money. When difficulty of any type arises it is because you are shifting your relationship from Source who resides within you, to someone or something that seems outside of yourself. You have made yourself small by believing that something good is coming from outside of you. Money. Food. Sex. Relationships. Those are the big ones, are they not? Plus all kinds of variations on those central themes.

Everything—EVERYTHING—comes to you through your relationship with Source. And when you have that relationship in order everything else falls in place easily. But it’s not a matter of subservience, as so many of your religions teach. It’s a matter of partnership with Source; and you are an essential partner in the whole game of Creation.

So it’s not a matter of what you do, it’s a matter of what you do first…Inner Circle Members click here to continue
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Blessings of abundance and life,
~ Twelve /via newsletter 5 April 2015

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