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China Reportedly Completes 3 Advanced Nuclear Attack Subs – 6 April 2015

RT logoChinese shipbuilders have completed three advanced nuclear-propelled submarines that can fire the latest vertically launched anti-ship missiles, local media reported.

Satellite pictures broadcast last week by China Central Television showed three submarines anchored at an unidentified port, China Daily reported. The vessels were reported to be Type-093G submarines just completed by a shipyard and ready to be delivered to the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army.

Type-093G is an advanced version of Type-093, China’s second-generation nuclear-powered attack submarines. Compared to the relatively short 110-m regular variant, the Type-093G has a longer hull to make room for a vertical launch system, the report said.

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Hyper Report -150405- Bank Deposit Tax – 6 April 2015

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Pope Francis Calls To End ‘Barbarous Violence’ & Bloodshed In Global Hotspots – 6 April 2015

RT logoPope Francis urged to end “absurd” violence, bloodshed and persecution in hotspots around the world in his Easter address, saying the international community must “not stand by before the immense humanitarian tragedy” in war-torn Syria and Iraq.

“We ask for peace, above all, for Syria and Iraq, that the roar of arms may cease and that peaceful relations may be restored among the various groups which make up those beloved countries,” the Pope told tens of thousands of pilgrims, who gathered in St Peter’s Square to hear him deliver his “Urbi et Orbi” (To the City and World) speech.

“May the international community not stand by before the immense humanitarian tragedy unfolding in these countries and the drama of the numerous refugees,” he said in his third Easter message since his election in 2013.

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Microsoft Drops ‘Do Not Track’ Browser Default To Reflect ‘Evolving Industry Standards’ – 6 April 2015

RT logoMicrosoft has updated its ‘Do Not Track’ policy, which will no longer be a default setting in its browser, thus giving third parties like advertisers a free hand in deciding whether to track the user or not, unless the option has been turned on manually.

The ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) setting in browsers specifies whether the user wants his or her browsing information to be available to third parties such as content providers and advertisers, who gather it so they can learn about a person’s interests and habits.

The DNT used to be a default option in Microsoft Internet Explorer since 2012 – meaning that it would automatically be assumed that web users did not want their data to be seen by third parties.

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Steve Lendman – Israel: A Force Of Pure Evil – 6 April 2015

StevelendmanIsrael from inception threatened regional peace and stability. Under Netanyahu and likeminded fascist thugs, it threatens humanity.

Netanyahu rails irresponsibly about Iran’s well-known peaceful nuclear program. He ignores Israel’s open secret.

The whole world knows it’s nuclear armed and dangerous. Its menacing arsenal includes illegal chemical and biological weapons – freely used in all its wars along with radiological ones.

Iran threatens no one. It values cooperative relations with all nations.

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Abbas Threatens Israel With ICC Over Frozen Tax Cash – 6 April 2015

RT logoMahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, says he has returned funds from frozen tax revenues handed over by Israel because they amounted to only a third of the total owed.

Israel began withholding around a $130 million a month in tax and customs revenues owed to the Palestinians in December in retaliation for the Palestinians joining the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Their accession to the ICC was finalized on April 1 and under international pressure Israel agreed last week to resume the money transfers.

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$10 Bln Down The Drain? US Spends Billions On ‘Ineffective’ Missile Defense Systems – 6 April 2015

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The US wasted $10 billion on missile defense projects which were doomed for failure from the beginning, due to a lack of analysis, a report by the Los Angeles Times says. Aside from the astronomical costs, the failures appear to also threaten US security.

America’s maritime based X-Band Radar (SBX) was hailed by the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) as having the potential to become the most powerful radar of its kind in the world.

Henry A. Obering III, a retired director of the Missile Defense Agency, said at a Senate hearing in April 2007 that “if we place it in Chesapeake Bay, we could actually discriminate and track a baseball-sized object over San Francisco.”

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Enlightenment Under The Cherry Blossoms – Questions For Corbett #021 – 6 April 2015

In this edition of the Questions For Corbett podcast, James ventures outside to sit under the cherry blossoms and answer your questions on Jade Helm, the pledge of allegiance, Fukushima updates, the internet clampdown and more. Turn on your mind, ignore the wind, and buckle down for a data dump!

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Thousands Of Unqualified Teachers Working In UK Schools – Trade’s Union – 6 April 2015

RT logoBritain’s biggest teachers’ union NASUWT has warned of thousands of unqualified teaching staff in schools across the country, saying it’s harming children’s education.

In a recent survey released for the NASUWT annual Conference in Cardiff, the teachers’ union said that of 7,000 respondents questioned 53 percent indicated they were working alongside “unqualified staff.” Some 65 percent said the situation was growing worse since schools are “unwilling or unable to pay for qualified teachers.”

The coalition government abolished requirements for academies and free schools to hire qualified teachers in 2012.

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British Nuclear Sub Suffers £500K Damage Tracking Russian Vessels – Report – 6 April 2015

RT logoBritish nuclear submarine HMS Talent suffered a huge gash to her conning tower after hitting ice floes while tracking Russian vessels and will be out of action for several months for repairs, according to Royal Navy sources.

The collision ripped a six-foot hole at the top of the vessel, and although defense officials refuse to disclose exact details of where and when it happened, they insist the damage occurred after hitting floating ice and not after a collision with another vessel, The Mail on Sunday reports.

The incident happened some time last year and comes amid heightened tension between Britain and Russia beneath the North Sea and its airspace.
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