Bill Ballard – Sensations Of Ascension Initiations ~ Archangel Michael Words Of Wisdom – 8 April 2015

Uploaded on 7 april 2015 by pearls2u

In speaking to Meline LaFont this morning as she described her Ascension Initiations I was in memory of when I had the same descriptions of what I was experiencing. In this video my Archangel Michael side of me comes through describing my own (bb) physical ascension initiation process and how it feels, as well as cutting through all the BS (you know what that is short for), “Belief Systems” out there as others finally achieve their Shakkti initiations and opening their crown chakra. It is at this time one is finally receiving messages of Ascension and all the fun begins. There is a process of Transfiguration of the physical vessel that unfolds as one takes their initiations which is similar for all. It is known as the “transfiguration” process of the physical vessel.

Much LOVE!

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