‘Endless & Vicious Cycle’ Of Misdemeanor Charges Targeting America’s Poor – Report – 8 April 2015

RT logoStrapped for cash after the 2008 financial crisis, local governments are bilking the poor through elaborate schemes of “offender-financed criminal justice services,” according to a new report by the Institute of Policy Studies.

The report argues that while there has always been prejudice and stigma about poverty in the US, the criminal justice system expanded misdemeanor charges in the midst of the financial crisis, which led to an increase in fees, fines and court charges that can be levied.

As state and local budgets were squeezed following the 2008 recession, local authorities all over the country levied more fines and fees on those people least able to pay – and aggressively pursued them,” said Karen Dolan, an IPS fellow and lead author of the report, titled, ‘The Poor Get Prison: The Alarming Spread of Criminalization of Poverty.’

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