Laura Bruno – Book Review: “Return Of The Dark/Light Mother Or New Age Armageddon?” By Monica Sjöö – 8 April 2015


This one needs to go up again. The current onslaught on the regenerating, nurturing, life-giving Sacred Feminine energies is so strong, and it’s coming more and more from the “awakened” crowd. When assessing “liberating” messages, please take the time to unpack the message to its logical or implied conclusion. Is the message life giving? Does it honor or heal our planet? Does it nurture and heal or completely reject the physical world?

Originally posted on Laura Bruno’s Blog:

I’ve wanted to review this book for awhile, but reading it kept triggering me to pick up other reference books, so that this one book turned into reading about seven books! I finally finished it today. Monica Sjöö’s “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” is called “New Age and Armageddon: The Goddess or the Gurus” in its UK edition. Both versions carry the subtitle, “Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future.” With those titles, one might conclude that Sjöö enters the book with a full-on agenda; however, the book itself raises more questions than it answers. At relatively equal parts memoir, grief work (processing the deaths of her two sons), feminist polemic, Goddess celebration, Earth manifesto, sacred site pilgrimage, and apocalyptic warning, Return of the Dark/Light Mother is actually very difficult to pin down.

Sjöö presents a well-researched, sometimes shocking look at the cultural appropriation, racism, patriarchal…

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