Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Creation Created – 9 April 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupCreation Created

Blessed Being, you are time manifest and divinity in form.  Your powerful biomechanism; the heart/mind/body complex, is awaiting you to direct the form.  Your focus, your perception and your choice determine the resonance of reaction and result that you create(d).

Focus is a curious endeavor, for you are experiencing time as a linear path, yet your heart and mind are open to the past and future.  As you feel and think based on your past, you are accessing the resonance of that experience and bringing it into your now moment.  Your cells react, your hormones react, your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings of the past.  You recreate the physical experience.  The result is your present condition.  The ‘conditions’ from which your future is formed.

As you focus upon the future, it is the same.  Your thoughts and feelings create a physical experience in your now moment.  You are the physical bridge of past, future and present; you are all time – now.  Humanity has only recently begun to focus more seriously on shaping the thoughts and feelings toward desired creation more fully.  We present this topic to direct your strength of focus more fully even still.  For as you think and feel, Creation is Created.  Do you sense the time paradox?  In your present moment, creation has already passed.  The flow of Time is faster than you think.  Your work is not to think faster, though that is the result; your work is to focus more fully in the moment.

Take life in more fully.  Experience with gusto, whether in mundane, challenge or triumph.  Delight in the body, the sensations of your surroundings and experiences.  Observe with an excitement of your creative potential and direct your focus toward the path of new solution.  Be the Creation Created, continuing creation.  This is the movement and the momentum of the I Am Becoming.  Ease your thoughts, increase your attention on the beauty of the now moment and amplify it through your powerful biomechanism.  You are becoming the Creation Created – Creating.

As we sit to Blast Creation Created, we are allowing the past and the future to flow easily in the now, greeting them with attention when it best serves the moment.  We are integrating past challenge into wisdom and focusing future potential into form.  We are directing our thought flow to a chemical cascade that forms a present peace, grounded in the reality of earthly experience.  We are the Free and the strong, that will perceive the great gift within each being and enhance the Love of humanity.  We are mastering Time, incorporating the past and the future into the present and gifting our strength of Loving will to All Life.  Blast on!

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