Lisa Gawlas – A Peak Into Our New, Extraordinary, Expanding Reality – 9 April 2015

Know, that every point of Light on that web is an entry into another dimension.

On April 1st, thru one, if not several of the readings, spirit had told me that my words, my communication in readings will be filtered now more than ever, a week into April and holy cow batman, they weren’t kidding!!  Can I just pitch a little hissy fit before I start my sharing about how hard it is to express back to you what I am seeing when every other word is being held back in my throat!!  Geez Louise!!  And yet… no replacement words.  I do not find it comforting or even funny when spirit says we have no words in our known language to express accurately what they are showing me.  How the hell do I say it then??  It’s time for you to really work your telepathy skills let me tell ya!!  Some have, which really makes it so much easier for me.

Well, since I’m venting here (smile) all day yesterday, holy cow, images I cannot understand and spirit said, I have not raised my consciousness enough yet to fully understand what is being shown.  Well then, why the hell show us something I cannot even express to the person wanting to know!!  Like my first man on the field yesterday, his blessed image (smile, grrrrr) stayed with me all day long…

At first I thought I was down again, I bent over and put my eyes parallel to the floor, cranked my antenna out to the field like I have done in every reading for the last 3 plus years… nutting.  I got my calisthenic workout in, sit up, bend over, rinse repeat and repeat and repeat.  I finally gave up, sat up and just started talking to him, there his image was, dangling in mid-air all paratrooper like, right down to this big bulky backpack on his back.  What the hell?  Not quite the way I anticipated seeing anyone in this massive shift post eclipse!  What is even funnier, instead of having that big old parachute above him, he had on a tiny little umbrella hat like they were in asia, a stunning light, steel blue.  I knew that this little umbrella hat was allowing his decent into the fresh new earth to be a slow and steady decent, but more than that, pffft.

The more I looked at him (desperately seeking understanding and getting very little, dammit) the more I felt the merger of several ET energies within his “camouflaged” body.  The little tidbit of information that came thru with his dress was that on other planets, in other realms, what we use as “military” is there to assist, unlike earth which (their words) is there to defend and maim.  This morning as I think about this, one of my favorite songs is repeated in my head in relationship to his appearance:

So, to help me out, I had him ask questions, cuz a lot of times, that will open up information I don’t think to access.  So of course, he is asking the same question many people have over these last couple days… what are my new super powers and who is my new team.  Perfect question with a crappy reply from his team!!  I am not currently able to understand them.  Hey!!!!  That’s not fair to either of us.  Why show us all this only to say Lisa needs more time to understand what will be revealed.  Grrrrrrrrr.  Ha, even as I complain, I mean type that, I hear an analogy from spirit being shared:

If we never pulled a kitchen shade up to see the new light of day, we would never realize the night turned into daylight.  Even with seeing it, the eyes need to adjust (as does the consciousness,) once the eyes adjust then we can take the body out to experience daylight, the more we spend time in the daylight the more we can see and sustain ourselves there and experience the full range of capabilities of daylight.


Like I said, all day long, I kept seeing this precious man, waiting for the next phase of his reading for…. forever it seems, dangling in mid-air, full backpack on his back.  I started to realize that is where his new skills are stored, and before he can understand what is in there (or before I can too) we must understand the new environment we are within.

Which gave way to the rest of my day.  Holy mind boggle batman!!!  One thing that is happening in overtime, is changing our language, which will change our minds programming to see beyond the limited scope we currently see within.  Terms like… time… poof gone.  I cannot tell you how many times the word time, or future or past was pulled out of my mouth yesterday and just left me there dangling mid sentence with no replacement words.  Instead, I am seeing that accordion of sub-dimensions, all existing at the same perception of time, all available and travelable at least, energetically right now.

Which brings me to a reading I had done pre eclipse, the lady I was reading for was standing on the beginning edge of April, which was still presenting as the round platform of elevated mix of violet and blues and then I seen her heart energy move outwards into what we would think of as the future, and I could feel her penetrate, May, June, July and August, only, not in a straight line, instead, it was a spiral that curled in on itself, ending with August in the same energetic space as her May.

That leaves an only conclusion that the “energy systems” I refer to as months, are truly dimensional frequencies and they are not laid out straight or back to back.  If we seen them from the view of spirit, they (the dimensions) are more mosaic in patterns and many overlap one another, giving us a clear view and many dimensional experiences in our current reality.  So, what we have to learn to do now, throw out the perception of time, past or future and remain in Now, knowing that all else is available in our Now moments, dimensionally speaking.

Another thing taken out of my mouth, higher and lower frequencies, due to our association with the term “lower frequencies.”  Instead, at least they gave us some replacement words with this, bass frequencies and treble frequencies.  To be clear, yes there are realities that still house denser energies where duality at is strongest of separation is still at play, but those planes of existence has no value for us in our present one, even when we look at the news (I highly suggest you don’t look there lol) and see it in play in this matrix of intermingled realities.  It is impossible to build the new while playing and interacting in the “old.”  To deprogram the brain quickly and efficiently, stay present, stay focused on your personal experiences and creation of your heavenly realities.

If we bring back the visual of the book I used the other day:


Using the center pages as the analogy I am about to share, we now live there in the center of Light.  The more we adjust to the center of Light, the higher dimensions of Light emerge.  Of course, that produces a higher influx of energies coming into the center of Light (us) and a great exercise came thru one of my beautiful ladies yesterday (some parts of me were coherent with language lol.)

When the energies get so high it creates a headache or migraine, sometimes it is due to the build up or coagulation of light within the brain itself.  If we can imagine, especially from here forward, the tendrils of multidimensional light (information) will be releasing in our consciousness… imagine combing out your energy field directly around you head, as if you’re combing your hair, except comb (with your fingers) outwards instead of downwards.  You need to be interactive with your Light and assist in moving it.  Also, the currents of light move downwards thru the core, the spine, assisting its downward flow is a great idea too.  Of course, what goes down, must come back up (smile) as it intermingles with the high earth energy it will flow back up your root, up your core and expand in your consciousness.  Help yourself expand as much as you can.  Pay attention to the frequencies as you do this, they are new, they are loaded with information for your ongoing use!!  Your participation in consciousness, is required!

Also, if we can get out of the idea of “healing” or thinking we need to do anything to the earth in this new expanded Light frequency we are in, that would be great.  If you are aligned with the crazy information I share, trust me, you are fully aligned to the new earth I speak of.  To be Here is to be clear enough to play here, to expand here, to be More than you ever dreamed you could be Here.  However, anytime you go to a healing anything that focuses on the past (either in this life or any other) you pull yourself out of Here and go back there.  Being Here is confusing enough!! lol

Also, we are on an immaculate version of earth, she has things to teach us… yet we want to dig in and change her to suit us.  Ain’t happening.  Yes the older versions of earth needed our assistance, more to help us remember we can assist, but if we can be Here Now as students of a reality beyond our wildest dreams, that will allow you to expand in ways that will make the sci-fi industry wonder how they missed that kewl thing!!  If you really think about it all, what we do, we do from past experience, so doing anything old now is like trying to bring old things to the new reality, ain’t happening and you will be pulled back to whatever reality you are working from.

Do you remember when our cars ran on leaded gas, formerly known as “regular gas.”  Now, try to put some of that old energy into your new car, it will choke and gasp and just won’t work for very long.  We are now primed for super fuel and knowing how to use it, is key.  We are back in biology class as students of a vast expanded multi-dimensional reality beyond our meditative state and into our physical reality state… if we allow for it.

Just sayin….

I do have a giggle from yesterday too.  One of my beautiful lady’s lost her dad’s cell phone and asked me if I can see where it is.  I cracked up as I seen the accordion image from the other day and it was several dimensions back.  She explained she went to a healer not to long ago (this too, prompted the above sharing) and her fathers cell phone was left in an older (maybe better stated, less light) dimension of her previous reality.  Of course, she had to ask, how does she get it… geez like I know???  Her team said easier for her to call it back to her than, at this moment, try to go back and retrieve it.  It has a resonance with this dimension and can find its way back here.

However, they gave me a visual that sticks with me.  In our learning to move thru dimensions with purpose and accessibility, they used something that looked like an arched black pipe cleaner threaded thru several of the dimensions (pages in the above image) point A being in the center of Light, point B being in the more dimly lit dimension.  I could see it, that’s about it.  I had/have no idea what the rest of that story is.  But one thing I have learned along the way, we are being seeded with many things that will grow with the light of our consciousness.

Ohhh and another thing that was so odd, if not disorienting to me, I could feel the ground below the folks in the field, but not see it at all.  From what I am understanding, we are descending into a higher frequency (ascending) earth and still getting our energy, mostly tho, our consciousness aligned to this new incredible (if not mind melting on my end) extreme reality shift.

With all this said, and so much not said (freakin words, ya know!!) I think back to the beginning of April, while down at the river and the guardians said I will not be doing readings (eventually.)  For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine what I would do in its stead… but the more I am seeing what we are getting, even if it is out of my current moment of understanding in fullness…  I have a feeling we will shift to working within this new, expanded matrix instead of getting ready to be Here.. cuz we are Here Now!!  Of course, I could be completely wrong too.  I have no idea…

Before I close, I do want to mention once again about the base and treble frequencies… for the last year or so, spirit has been talking, if not harping on our heart frequencies, the tones emitted within the emotional spectrum.  This gives way to traveling thru the dimensions of frequencies.  Now with this thought in mind, I have got to bring back my scope of vision of watching Jorge align to the new (well, new to me) semi-human (gotta be an ET merged in that man) now known as Norte (future, north.)  and these tendrils that were being removed from the current human, changed in color spectrum as it moved thru the hmmmm…. treble (smile) dimensions and I watched too as these tendrils were slowly and purposely placed within his (Norte man) consciousness.  That which I know as Jorge said this man will be ready by May (like he is a spiritual science project lol.)  I say all that to say, what I had seen, we can do too, with versions of ourselves in other dimensions, especially the higher ones as they come online in our field of vision/knowing.

There is so much more in my visual perception and energetic understandings at this moment, but zero words of accuracy to get them out right now.  Anyone knows how to make movies of light?   If you could see it the way I see it in detail, words would not be necessary, at all.  OK, maybe a few here and there for set up and completion… anyone knows how to work like that and want to partner?????

I’m going for a swim before this day starts, hopefully I can harness language instead of sitting here stuttering and giving out partial sentences.

Have an extraordinary day because baby, your an extraordinary Being of multidimensional Light!!

I love you all so freakin much.  Thank you for bearing with my inadequacies as I learn thru you!!  Did I mention, I love you!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of awe and wonder to All!!

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