Media Watchdog To Target Reposts Of Banned Info On Social Networks – Report – 9 April 2015

RT logoRussian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor has announced that it would not only block banned data on the internet at prosecutors’ request, but also find and block all of its copies in various social networks.

The plans are included in the draft instruction prepared by Roskomnadzor and revealed on Tuesday by mass circulation daily Izvestia. The authors of the document emphasize that its primary purpose is to quickly neutralize the calls for mass unrest and illegal mass events that can be quite effective when communicated over the internet.

Currently Russian prosecutors have to file in a separate request for each example of illegal data they discover in the web, asking Roskomnadzor to block the page until its further fate is decided by a court.The new instruction introduces constant monitoring of websites and social networks with the objective of blocking not only the initial illegal data but also all of its copies and reposts.

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