Méline Portia Lafont – A Little Note From Méline – 9 April 2015

Today my beautiful companion for almost 11 years has passed away. Sad are we ~ Me and the children ~ for we had to say goodbye for now ~ Happy are we that we were with her during her sudden transition as we could say goodbye. This morning Laika had a cerebral infarct where I found her in the Garden paralyzed on the ground yet still breathing. She started to make noises and cry as soon as she heard my voice while touching her. She was still there, yet unable to move ~ trapped in the body as she told me. Called the vet, we gave her an opening to set through if she wanted but then it would be awaiting how much of her would recover. We took her inside, the vet left and as I was talking to her soul ~ saying that it is her decision if she wanted to go or if she wanted to stay. I would support her. As I was saying to her soul that if she felt to be completely depending and blind afterwards and that she does not want to go through, it is best to leave now naturally than to be put to sleep for that is a transition process I am not wishing for her due its complexity.My words were just spoken as I held her and she stopped breathing instantly. The kids and I were with her and she is now hopefully in a more happy place! I LOVE you Laika, RIP 

This means that I will be more absent the next coming days for a short while until all is digested, and everything is dealt with from our family perspective and myself.  Thank you for understanding ❤


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