Sophia Love – Two Ends, One Stick – 9 April 2015

SophiaLoveNewOn the first day of this Quest, we set the stage for the rest of the days with this: “You are without fault – one unique flower in an exquisite field of astonishing beauty and fragrance.  Not one of us can replicate you – your contribution is personal, powerful, solitary and necessary.  How you look and how you see has only happened once; that once is right now.  Don’t change a thing. “ These words hold truth and an explanation for Agape.

Our journey is circular – it begins and ends within.  You haven’t been told of your magnificence, yet it is what you were born with.  We love babies because their love shoots out their eyes and oozes from their skin.  Their magnificence is everywhere showing.  You can feel it when you hold them.  They love indiscriminately and are as recently close to source energy as any of us have ever been.  They hold no judgments and reserve no emotion.  It’s all love, all the time; pure, unrestrained and theirs to give. They don’t run out of it, or save it for a View Postspecial few – they spray it everywhere they look.  That’s what you are supposed to do with love – give it away.

We’ve learned that love is scarce.  We even save it for a special event or person or day or place or age.  We are hoarders of our love.  We are not free – we are afraid it’ll spoil, be wasted or we won’t have enough when the time comes.

What I know about love is that it exists and arrives unbidden – loud or soft, painfully, awkwardly, pleasantly, obviously, joyfully or confusingly.  It has no respect for age or color, country or vow.  It merely shows up in all sorts of ways and places.

It feels like heat sometimes, sparks sometimes, and chills sometimes; laughter, understanding, compassion or knowing sometimes.  It takes your breath away or pisses you off, stops you in your tracks or leaves you with a smile.  Love shows up whenever you meet a connection you are a part of.  It is felt on both ends of the connection “stick” – so be absolutely certain that when you feel something – the other end is feeling it too.

What you can’t be sure of is what they’ll do about their feeling.  Possibly nothing.  They may deny it or attempt to explain it or ignore it.  Maybe they’ll recognize it and you’ll have a chance to explore your connection.  Maybe not.  Yet whatever is done remember that the feeling you had was not isolated – it was shared.  Love is not a thing to be doubted – it is a thing to be celebrated.  It is always noticed.

Starting with you – forgive everything.  Release everything else.  All holds and chains, expectations and limitations.  Understand and embody what was said at the start – you are unique and magnificent.  No other loves like you – or is you.  There is just one.  One of you.  Connected to many, in infinite ways; each connection is uniquely yours.  You cannot be replicated.

Those you love now cannot be loved by any other in exactly the same way.  Sure, they can be and are loved – yet not the same way that you love them.  You are irreplaceable.

This circular journey begins with believing that about yourself – and loving yourself as if it were true.  Then – with full embodiment of your unique essence – love full out – without condition or restraint.

What will show up is a tidal wave of love crashing on your shore…with it will come choices and decisions – Can I love so many? How much is too much?  Is this okay?  Is it really this easy?

You’ll answer them yourself yet I can tell you this.  Once you understand, accept and embody your brilliant individual love imprint, you will know without a doubt that to “cheat” or shortchange any other – be it god, man, woman or country – is not possible.  There is no interference possible when a love connection is recognized.  It is a stick with two ends – not three.  One stick is not weakened or shortened when another is picked up; in fact we are only made stronger. You have the capacity to hold many, many connections; each one unique and resilient and felt at both ends.  So do all of your connections.  There is no ending a love connection.  More is not a replacement – it is just more.

Be clear on what love is and what the rules you’ve chosen to live within are.  We’ve been misled and if thousands of love songs are used as evidence – confused and heartbroken because of it.

Your durable self-love and empowered heart will help navigate the trickiest relationship terrain.  To love without hesitation or condition demands clarity.  You must recognize your value, and never doubt your worth.  You are priceless; a unique expression of eternal love.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.

With all of my love,


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