Steve Lendman – Updating Israel’s Political Persecution Of Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar – 9 April 2015

StevelendmanIsrael considers belonging to the wrong political parties a crime. Free expression is criminalized when speaking forthrightly about ruthless persecution of Palestinian rights.

Rogue states operate this way. Israel ranks with the worst – a fascist/racist/apartheid police state by any standard, guilty of the highest of high crimes since inception.

A previous article discussed Jarrar. She’s a highly respected Palestinian Legislative Council member, a civil society leader, and PLC Prisoners Commission head. She chairs the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.

On April 2, Israeli goon squad thugs abducted her pre-dawn. She’s lawlessly administratively detained uncharged and untried.

On April 8, Addameer updated her status. Ofer’s military court postponed proceedings on her lawless detention until April 14.

She remains imprisoned. Her attorney Mahmoud Hassan said military prosecutors presented the court with 34 pieces of fabricated “open evidence” – not previously given her defense team.

So-called other fake evidence remains concealed. It’s longstanding Israeli practice to trump up phony charges, claim evidence it won’t reveal, and prevent defense lawyers from being adequately being able to defend their clients.

Given so-called new evidence presented, Hassan requested six days to review it.

It pertains to Jarrar’s legitimate political activities and free expression rights.

It includes her public activities and videos of her attending legitimate nonviolent demonstrations.

Addameer said her arrest and detention were politically motivated – in brazen contravention of Fourth Geneva and other international laws.

She was ordered administratively detained uncharged and untried for six months – renewed as often as Israel wishes.

She can be imprisoned forever under harsh gulag conditions until death.

She’s one of 17 Palestinian legislators imprisoned for belonging to the wrong political parties.

Nine are administratively held uncharged and untried. In a recent interview, Jarrar said the following:

She sees no change in US/Israeli relations under Obama after Netanyahu’s reelection.

The so-called “peace process does not mean anything for us,” she said. Nothing for Palestinians will change.

Reelecting Netanyahu “show(s) the Israeli government is going more and more to the far right-wing.”

The peace process is corrupted and flawed without “recognizing the fundamental rights of Palestinians” – including “a fully independent Palestinian state, but also the right of return for the Palestinian refugees.”

Palestinian “inalienable rights…should be implemented through an international conference according to international law and the relevant UN resolutions.”

“We totally refuse the coordination between the Palestinian security forces and the Israelis, and we think it should be stopped immediately.”

“Any security forces should help the Palestinians in their struggle and implement their citizens’s rights instead of collaborating with the occupier.”

Palestinians are victimized by Israel’s forced arrangement, Jarrar said. Ending it is essential.

Palestinian collaborators with Israel are traitors. Resistance against lawless occupation is vital.

“We think that our national struggle needs the active support of the international solidarity movement,” Jarrar explained.

It’s important for all Palestinians to work together for change – “to immediately end the occupation,” she stressed. To give Palestinians their long denied rights.

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