Polish President’s Plane Crash: Prosecutors Release New Transcripts Confirming 3rd Party In Cockpit – 10 April 2015

RT logoPressured by the leak of a local radio station, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office has released black box transcripts from the presidential plane that crashed in Russia in 2010. It confirms that unauthorized people were in cockpit, instructing the pilots.

Thetranscript, along with two expert opinions, was published by the Polish Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday.

The office said that the release was meant to dissipate speculation after a leaked and allegedly not-entirely-correct version was published earlier in the week by Polish radio station RMF.

In the released documents, which are believed to be based on a new expertise carried out some time after February 2014, transcripts of cockpit recorders are placed in a detailed timeline with occasional commentary. They also contain an ‘identity’ column, with possible speakers identified by letters, and there are several columns defining the quality of recording and the certainty with which the meaning could be understood, on a 1-4 scale.

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