Sophia Love – Maximum Capacity – ? – 10 April 2015

This is about your capacity for love.  It is greater than you imagine it to be.  It involves no loss or lack.  Love is not something you have to wait for or get or earn.  Love is something that you are.

It is a challenge to let go of our rules about love.  How can you love yourself completely when you know all the stuff you’ve done?  When you, more than anyone, know exactly what it is you think about?  When even god demands something from you in order for you to be worthy of his blessing?  How can you love yourself with all of your shortcomings, faults and mistakes?

The toughest love you’ll run across will be self-love.  For if you accepted who you were – without any restraint, judgment or condition – you would love all the rest of us too easily.

We judge because we are told we are wrong.  We withhold because we’ve been led along, by the carrot on the stick.  Only it’s not the carrot, but approval and grace that are just out of reach.  If only our behavior was perfect – we’d get some (approval, grace, etc.). How can we give what we don’t feel ourselves?

If you consider only the word unconditional, you will find your answer.  The rules we’ve constructed around love are many and complicated.  They each can be resolved with unconditional love.  When you consider the truth about love, all of the rules you’ve been confusing it with are put into proper perspective.

It’s not that you can’t love more than one “other” – you can.  You are not wrong for loving – ever.  Not if you are married or the same sex or older or younger or another race or from a different religion or country.  Love is a feeling and it is the most powerful one we will ever encounter.  Love is literally the force of creation itself.  To feel it in an unexpected way or circumstance is part of its power.  Like life, it persists and shows up everywhere.  You are not wrong.  Love yourself.  Love as if it were as important as breathing.  It is.

So, the rules you obey may be structured by others who have an agenda.  Before you find fault with yourself for forgiving or for loving without restraint – consider whose rules are behind your feelings of judgment. Then decide if they are your rules as well.  Remember – to love is your birthright.  It is not a sin or symbol of weakness.  It is your greatest strength.

There are as many ways to love as there are beings – perhaps more.  Love is the most fun there is. Connections are felt with our minds, our bodies, our hearts and our souls; separately or all at once…  We are built to recognize them.

When you do recognize one – realize that there is always a reason they’ve shown up.  We exist in a sea of love – helping each other in every possible way to stay afloat and keep moving.  We are here to remind ourselves of truth – to reflect back the love that we are.

If you consider the word capacity, it means “the maximum amount that something can contain; the ability to do something.”  What is your love capacity?  How much can you hold?  How much can you give?  Is there a limit in either direction?

You are limitless in your capacity for love.  Any restriction, judgment, restraint or maximum allowable amount is imposed by the rules you’ve chosen to live by – not the love you hold at your core.  Be very clear about what love is and what your rules for relationships are.  They are not the same thing.

You may choose to end a relationship because a rule has been broken.  Just don’t decide that the relationship ended because the love was broken.  Love doesn’t break.  There are no maximum capacities for love in humans.  We are limitless.  We contain the full complement of creator love and it is available for dispensing at any given moment.  It cannot run out or be partitioned or decreased. It is eternally, willingly available for our use.

We are so much more than we know.  The best, most forgiving and accepting parts of love are ours for the taking.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

See you tomorrow,


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