John Ward – Does Miliband Have The Remotest Idea What Exploitation Really Is? – 11 April 2015

JohnWThe robotic way in which Ed Miliband refers to European migrants as “exploited” by their employers is, I’m afraid, one of many reasons why I really cannot take the bloke seriously.

We need to take a closer look at the full range of exploitation involved here.

Here in France, for example, we have seen a flood of Polish workers. They are mostly very reliable, meticulous craftsmen…all charging less than the French worker….but almost all working on hourly rate – with a majority “preferring” to be paid in cash.

Put another way, they consume the minimum possible in the French economy, evade tax, and work on the basis that everything they do – including the correction of their own mistakes – is charged at an hourly rate. Thus they are exploiting French workers paying tax in return or benefits, exploiting the French State, and exploiting clients via low prices with zero guarantees and little or no public insurance.

This is yet more kneejerk tribalism from the Labour leader. And one expects, of course. the identical sort of kneejerk from their ‘opponents’ the Conservative Party.

Both are avid supporters of the EU. Neither is prepared to admit flaws either within themselves, or their allies. they all have fingers in the pie, but none of them have a finger on the pulse. link to original article


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