Lisa Gawlas – The Mind Bending Attributes Of April, Of YOU!!!!! – 11 April 2015

lisagawlas2I have decided (smile) that April or at least post eclipse April, everything seems miraculous, wait… it IS miraculous!!  I have slept thru the night every single sight since the eclipse happened and zero breathing issues.  For me, the energies got so strong from just before the equinox thru the eclipse that I had to break out my nebulizer/peace pipe just to be able to breathe thru the night and sometimes bled into the day.  I talked to one of my precious lady’s yesterday who has gone thru the biological wringer 10 times more than I have, and she made mention of how wonderful this week has been, all of her symptoms are easing.  All I can say is… may this be the new way of it… everlasting!!

However, all this wonderfulness inside does have its effect outwards.  Holy heavens batman, the energy coming thru from every reading yesterday, if I knew how to harness it, it probably could have powered the entire earth for a full day or longer.  Instead tho, it went directly into my brains.  I have felt YOU in many different ways, but never like I did yesterday.  The sheer vibration in my head, extending outwards to my consciousness, couple that with an intense shift in the field itself, coupled with the higher focus/information from spirit, I simply became a babbling idiot in readings.  About an hour after my last connection, I developed an energy fever and down I went for a while.  Gotta love an intense upgrade, thanx!!

This morning as I sit and ponder how on earth to put into words the details coming thru, I am given a visual to share first.  March!!  Holy hell… March!!!  I am seeing it as a release of trillions of new electrical wires coming down from the sky (heaven, spirit, whatever lol) and dangling about a foot above the earth, all new connections, electrical currents for those willing to connect.  Some got super zapped, some decided to exit stage left and then there are us, silly creatures who simply said, go ahead, plug me in!!!  Let me tell you, it has changed everything!!

I think the best way to even come close to describing how much we changed, comes from a reading I did with a wonderful lady the other day.  She showed up in the most odd way, hundreds of needles poking out of her clothes from head to toe.  It reminded me of a seamstress session gone wild.  I started to realize her needles were less about hemming clothes as they were all magnetic needles upon her body (think, compass.)  Then, the next view was the wedge of earth before her, same damn needled poking upwards.  All appearing in a half-hazard array of position.  Let me tell you, I say :what the hell” now more than ever and with much more intensity than ever.  OJT (on the job training) can really suck!!  I am learning and reprogramming as you show up every moment of every day.  What a ride.  Anywayz…

Her team said these needles get activated by her desires, instantly with that sentence, I could see all those crazy needles pointing here and there from head to toe, suddenly start to vibration and come to attention towards the earth, same thing happened to the earth’s needles now aligned with her and then I could see waves of energy in the left side foreground of her field and suddenly this large round opening happening above what I would think of as the ground.  Even with that, I now hear, there is no ground as we have walked on it, there are vibrational layers.  Inside that opening is what her team called an alternate reality (ok, I called it an alternate reality, they really don’t like that phrase but until they give me another, tough… I’m using it!!)  Free will and all that (shitty smile.)

With all that, let’s make this a bit clearer (thanx spirit) whatever we desire, no matter how far-fetched it may appear to our minds, exits somewhere in other dimensions already.  The more we align to that desire, energize it, (please do not mistake that mean to visualize it, it’s a heart frequency not a visual frequency) the magnetic fields of you and earth open to that reality, then… somehow (I have yet to fully understand) we pull that reality into our own, or merge with it… like I said, not quite sure how the outcome happens, but then again, I am barely understanding how the initial energy happens to open it.  But this is April 202!!  Masters of the multiverse in human clothes… re-membering.

Of course, we have always known we are multidimensional Beings and of course we gave that attribute to our soul and in that way, really seen ourselves (the human) separate from that part of ourselves.  Not no mo’ honies.  Cellular body, Soul body… one and the same.  Which makes you the Master of your creation and equally the Master of your (perceived) future.  That means those very familiar questions and directives (to our guides) like… “show me what I am supposed to do,”  “what am I going to do next,” and things like that are now in your ballpark.  Lets change the title of our spiritual helpers from guides to creation assistants!!!  They are on a new learning level too, they guided you to Here, now, you decide and they are putting the energetic pathways together to assist in your arrival There, or getting There, Here (however this works out lol.)

One thing I am sure of, we have a lot of deprogramming, reprogramming to do.  April is the venue for that!  Right down to how we interpret what we are seeing.  I had a new man show up on the field (can you hear me celebrating just saying the word… man!!) yesterday and his visual was so… odd and of course all I could do is connect to what that imagery might have meant even a week ago.  Boy was I incorrect!!!

There he was, laying face down in the (new) ground and these women’s shoes (and I could only see from the ankle down to the shoes themselves) walking up and down his back, from neck to ass, back and forth.  Her shoes reminded me of stiletto’s, only a smaller heal (2″ instead of 5″.)  The shoes were quite pretty, variations of violet and deep blue (which should have been my first clue that this was a good thing, but nope, I was clueless.)  So I interpreted it as it would have been… before.  Feeling like someone (a female) is walking all over you when your back is turned.  I had to giggle when he adamantly stated, but I’m gay, there are no females in my life.  Hey!!!  We all have mama’s, at the very least.  It wasn’t until I was complaining about not being able to see the rest of the body did I hear the words “because it is formless” did I get out of my old programming (ways I interpret visuals) and lean into the new.

I did request he get is face up out of the dirt and at least, sit up.  A very compliant man he was/is… cuz immediately he did just that.  When I finally got out of my own way (with interpretation) and lean into the energy of the “formless” did I see and finally get the true picture.  As I was now seeing him sitting on the ground, directly in front of him was the beautiful… BEAUTIFUL lady.  Flowing yellow-blonde hair, just oozing beauty from her entire essence.  I know where she is from, I know that essence well… Pleiadian!!!  The blue and violet shoes, the footprints of the ascended master in body.  Walking up and down the spine… highfalutin energy flowing, the heals themselves reminded me of the acupuncture session called the back shu.  I had to smile when he mentioned he has had kundalini raging, moving for the last 6 years… so I gotta ask, did you tame that wild beast… of course not, which is now on his to-do list!!  Knowing how to control, direct, flow your internal power source is as crucial as, actually it hasta come first, to control and direct the outflow into the higher dimensions of our crazy world now.  I have a simple and might I add, quite enjoyable exercise for this wonderment in body (click here.)

But this amazing lady did give me a twist in what I thought I was understanding, with giggles thru it all.  She had said she had been incarnate in this realm “before it went to hell in a handbasket.”  (She made that reference several times lol.)  However, one of his super powers, actually reasons for Being Here Now, stripped clean (literally) of all that got him to Here, is to mine our (perception) past… BEFORE this cycle of earth opened up.  Like going on an archaeological dig thru the dimensions into the time life here was amazing, pristine and open to our full spiritual beings incarnate.  The light field from that timeline… stunning.  Equal (more or less) to now.

Time travelers, interdimensional travelers, archaeologists… so many new things coming thru that really is making my mind melt (in great ways.)  Granted, focus has once again come into the realm of meditation, understanding the multidimensions and navigating them must be understood from the soul.  It will take focus, dedication and some serious reprogramming of the brain.  All leading to the reality of doing it all in the physical world we exist within (that keeps changing vibrationally lol.)  I think I have mentioned this before, but I have to say it again, once we assimilate the energy and knowings within meditation, it is simply a matter of thought and intention consciously in our day to day moments.  But spirit has its safe keepings in place.  Cuz there are those who think they may know something, may not go deeper into the understandings and just “do it” without knowing what they are doing.  While we are still emerging, spirit has a greater hand in what is allowed (for lack of a better word.)  No need to blow ourselves up cuz we want to take short cuts.  If this all doesn’t seem confusing, because the application comes thru OJT… as within, so without.

With that said, i finally got my left brain engaged when I woke up yesterday.  I planned on writing a blog and my teams said nope, the time to get this new package together is right now.  And so I did.  But even as I write here today, it is going to be much more than I can conceive of in this moment.  So I have the information and session into expressions that are relevant to the enormous change underway… but May itself, sooooo different from the energies of April.  We will be going from reorientation (April) to full on application as we move into May.  (gulp)

Have an amazing, exciting, exploration of all the new energies and realities open to you.  May the adventures begin!!  (Ha!!  Pun intended I suppose lol.)

I love you all and thank you for allowing to work my own kinks out thru your Presence in my world.  (((((HUGZ))))

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