Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 12 April 2015


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Most of you can barely comprehend the love we have for you in the heavens. You have learned about conditional love, love based on merit, or earning approval, but our love has nothing to do with these things. We love you because we know who you are in your deepest and truest being.

When you think you’ve make a “mistake,” we know you have an opportunity for growth. You made a choice that led to an undesirable outcome and now you can create differently. When you are less than loving we know you’re frustrated because you don’t yet know how to be loving in certain situations. We can see only truth dear ones. We look beneath the surface and see the beautiful light and innocence in your hearts, always trying to emerge.

If you were to plant a seed, would you say to yourself, “I see only the hard shell. I see the seed buried beneath the dirt,” or would you instead plant that seed and envision it growing into the flower or plant contained within it. Most of you would say, “Yes, I see the shell. I see the dirt. But I also see the beautiful blossoming of that flower that this seed will grow into. I envision the tasty vegetables or fruits that will come from the plant that this seed blossoms into. I see not only the tiny reality in front of me, but the vast and beautiful fullness within.

Now you understand dear ones, how we see you. We know your light. We know the love in your hearts. We know what you were designed to blossom into the loving souls that you are, while planted on this planet! And so we can do nothing less than love you, nurture you, and hold the vision for your most loving reality.

Imagine this love dear ones. Imagine that there are beings who will never ever criticize you, deny you love, make you earn love, but only encourage, guide, and gently give you suggestions when you stray from love. If you could fully receive this love, then you can give this love to others as well, and your world would indeed become a heaven on earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

I thought I knew what love was before I started working with angels. I was conditioned to think it was being nice, making people comfortable, showing affection in certain ways, etc. However, after years of working with angels, I know a deeper love and that is, as they have described this week, to see the innocence and the light within people, no matter what they show me in the moment. That never means you have to stay around someone unloving, nor does it mean you have to enjoy people’s choices. It simply means that beneath it all you can acknowledge the innocence and the light.

For example, I made plans with a friend recently, and was all excited about giving them a big Easter basket loaded with goodies. I planned, shopped, and baked a basketful of goodness. At the last minute, my friend canceled. In my past I would have been disappointed, and upset. I would have felt like I wasted my time making the gifts, and would have been frustrated that there was no time to make other plans. Instead I was happy for my friend who had decided to take some personal time to rest. I saw the light there tending to the soul. It was a good thing.

As for me, I trust God. Instead of moaning about how the Easter basket ingredients would be wasted, because many were perishable, I simply said to God, “OK, what do you want me to do with all this?” I got the guidance to freeze some of the things I made so I’d have extra food when I was busy. “OK God, what are Your plans for me, since mine didn’t work?” I got guidance to take some of the baked treats to the Botanical Garden and share them with the beautiful souls who were working there. It was such JOY to see their faces light up.

I still had a basket and candy left to give. I prayed again, “Send me the person you want to receive the rest of these goodies.” Right as I got home, a dear client was stopping by to drop something off. The angels got in my head, “Give her the Easter basket.” She was thrilled and we both enjoyed the heavenly synchronicities at work.

There are times when people will disappoint you, or you will disappoint yourself. I’ve disappointed myself so many times! I’ve made choices that have resulted in serious physical conditions that could have derailed my work, my show, or as some have pointed out to me, even my life! But I chose to look at myself as the angels do, a work in progress, light seeking to reveal itself, and sometimes just a normal human female whose choices could be so much better 🙂

So go easy on yourself this week – look for the light and love trying to emerge even when you think you’ve made a mistake. And then see if you can extend that awareness to others too because no matter how awkward, the love within everyone is seeking to find its way to the surface. It truly does feel better to love!

Love you all! Have a blessed week.
Ann / link to original article


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