Netanyahu’s Biggest Fear? That Iran ‘Honors Nuclear Deal’ – 13 April 2015

RT logoIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief concern is that Tehran will in fact fulfill the agreement on its nuclear program that it negotiated with six world powers, a report citing a high-profile security meeting has said.

Netanyahu fears that “Iranians will keep to every letter in the agreement if indeed one is signed at the end of June,” Haaretz reported, citing two unnamed officials present at the security cabinet meeting over the nuclear deal.

The meeting reportedly took place after the announcement that Tehran and the P5+1 countries had reached “solutions on key parameters” and US President’s Barack Obama’s speech about the historic understanding on removing sanctions against Iran, in return for a deal that would prevent Tehran from developing nuclear arms.

The Israeli PM reportedly had a “harsh” phone call with Obama the following day, and called his ministers for a security meeting to “let off steam.”

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