Selacia – Prepare For April 18 New Moon – 13 April 2014

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Prepare now for the April 18 New Moon, an energy window for creating a new beginning in your life and moving into an expanded level of higher consciousness. Do the simple process I recommend here so you can be resourced to benefit fully.

Since this cycle is about new starts, consider key situations you want to either begin for the first time or scenarios that need a refresh.

Most likely, these will involve other people, relationships now being front and center for anyone on the spiritual path.

And specifically related to other people, consider how you manage your own power when you are with others. Power issues are universal right now – everyone is dealing with them. Get in touch with yours now ahead of Saturday.

Set some conscious and specific intentions now related to what kind of new energies you want to initiate at this New Moon. It’s not enough to think that you want to change your life. Get specific about what needs to change. Don’t overthink this or judge yourself.

You and others like you are alive now to change how life is lived. Give yourself permission to be conscious about what needs to change within you and in your circumstances.

New Moon Tips

Here are tips for making the most of this energy gateway. Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you and show you what’s relevant. Then take action this week with contemplation, meditation, intention setting, and dream work.

FIRST tip: Pick a relationship to focus on. It could be a new one you want to have. It could be a current one that needs updating. Make at least one specific intention involving that relationship. Example: “My partner seems distant and we seldom talk about what matters.” Intend in this case to discover how you can change something in your approach – some action that will build a bridge to that person.

SECOND tip: Check your suitcase of unfinished business. Most likely, the April 4 eclipse stirred a lot within you. Some of that material may just now be surfacing. Meditate on what that might be and journal about it this week. As you write, your higher self can add to what you are already sensing on some level. If you don’t resonate with journaling, invite dreams each night this week to help pinpoint unresolved issues.

THIRD tip: Tune into your emotions this week, including your anger. It’s okay to get angry as long as you work through it and use it to create positive change. In fact, what you’re angry about can be a perfect theme for your New Moon intentions. The moon in Aries can stir emotions, after all. Invite spirit’s view of how to harness them productively.

You know you’re here for an extraordinary life. Trust that knowing this week. Invite a deeper understanding of what this means in practice. Energy gateways like we have Saturday can help you connect with the spiritual fuel you need to have that extraordinary life.

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