John Ward – UK Election : Cameron Opens UP 16 Pint Lead Over Farage – 15 April 2015

pintlead Britain’s burning ambition on May 7th

This time, it looks like we aren’t going to see UKip surging as did the LibDems at about this point in the 2010 election. The Party of Hairgel Mirage is stuck on 15% and showing no signs of moving much. And in Thanet itself, things aren’t looking that good for the Blessed Nigel.

One sure sign of this is that Mr Garage us returning to his old theme of the fairer voting system….one of the few things about which his gripe is entirely justified. But if he loses at Thanet, the bloke is history.

Diving into a UK election these days is a bit like slipping off the observation platform of a cess pit. Even if you started off just wanting to look, the stench of decay soon turns into a personal interface with mass defaecation.

The Telegraph website last night headlined one rogue ICM poll showing the Conservatives with a 6 -point lead, while conveniently ignoring two others showing the Big Boys neck and neck…and a third giving the Labour Party a 3 point lead. But long ago in this General Election, it was accepted by all those concerned that, when democracy has its day, the first casualty is Truth. The Daily Twinograph is no longer a newspaper, but merely a static PR medium for hire. It has moved on from debates about ads it will and won’t accept to a more pragmatic approach in which advertisers can choose the honest full page ad, or the hidden persuasion of an opinion column from which to launch their own particular perversion of the empirical.

Much as I would no more vote for Ed Miliband than join the English Maypole League, the determined desperation of the Tory press is a sight to behold whatever one’s leanings. The Daily Mail yesterday ran a splash-piece showing that if Cameron’s wife Samantha held the reins of government, the Conservatives would have an 8-point lead over Labour. They may well be right, but then I’m sure that if Ukip was led by Rin-tin-tin, they’d be about to form the next Government. This is just garbage that used to be reserved for The Sun.

Funniest event of the Election so far was a 10 year old kid asking Cameron who he’d most like to win if he lost. Very clever question, because it revealed him for what he is: a man with no respect for anyone except himself and his tribe. He burbled and blustered, and the camera went ECU on the girl, who was obviously thinking “jerk”. The controlling side of Cameldung’s seemingly affable nature is that he has one approved biographer whose galley proofs are being corrected by Party bigwigs and Sir Humphreys as I write, but is furious that his sworn enemy Lord ‘Shadyperson’ Ashcroft is writing an entirely unapproved version…and the PM has ensured that everyone cooperating with Asphalt is beaten to a pulp, metaphorically speaking.

But on a more serious note, as the Twins know nothing at all about economics, they very rarely interfere in those pages, and so this morning we see the Torynaff’s business hacks headlining as follows:

Rarely has an election campaign seen so many economically silly ideas

This is an election fought on the basis of an economic lie

The Eurozone’s economic crisis is far from over

I’m sure the Barclay Boys know that, the residue of their readers being deadheads just gagging to keep warm next winter by burning peasants, they rarely go to the finance pages…thus, even the most biased, corrupt and empty title in UK medialand knows what The Few know: all of this election nonsense will be blown away by the euro’s collapse and global debt correction.


Until the nights get a little warmer, use the voting card to start your open fire. It is the 21st century equivalent of burning your draft card. Let’s show the world that abstainers are once more burning with ambition to do better than this shower. / link to original article


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