Only Regional Consensus Can Stop Yemen War, UN Resolutions Won’t – 15 April 2015

RT logoSaudi-led military aggression in Yemen is against international law and will not help stop the crisis, former UN spokesperson for Iraq, Said Arikat, told RT, adding that only a mutual agreement of regional powers, including Iran, can stop the violence.

RT: What do you make of this resolution? How effective do you think it will be in stopping the violence on the ground in Yemen? It clearly does not call on Saudi Arabia to stop bombings.

Said Arikat: Well, it will not do much, to answer your question directly. We have experienced similar resolutions in the past, and really when it comes to what happens on the ground, they don’t really do that much. Because all the bombing even, thus far, led by Saudi Arabia has not really changed the calculus on the ground or changed the realities on the ground.

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