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ActivistPost – Weird Nationwide Walmart Closures Spark Conspiracy Theories – 15 April 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Paul Joseph Watson

Theories are flying after Walmart stores around the country suddenly announced that they were closing down for six months to deal with “plumbing” issues.

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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Federal Government Colludes With Private Industry To Track Unvaccinated Adults, Pressure Them Into Getting Jabbed – 15 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The personal decision to accept or reject medical treatment is at the bedrock of health freedom. But this freedom is under aggressive attack in the U.S. today, where both federal and state governments are colluding with private industry in an attempt to force you and your family to be vaccinated, without informed consent and against all recognized medical ethics.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the measles “outbreak” that authorities say began at Disneyland, and how some states have proposed eliminating philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions. Much of this has been aimed at childhood vaccinations, and specifically the freedom of parents to decide whether or not to jab their children in accordance with government recommendations. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Conflict-Of-Interest Smart Meter Politicking In Pennsylvania – 15 April 2015

Logo_activistpost-comCatherine J Frompovich
Activist Post

Otto von Bismarck, the conservative Prussian statesman, who dominated German and European affairs from the 1860s until 1890 [1], supposedly is attributed with saying, “If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made.” How true, especially in the case of the shenanigans that apparently have gone on in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding House Bill 2200 that became Act 129 in 2008.

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Reports Of Major Disturbance In Darwin Detention Center, Australia, Police Deployed – 15 April 2015

RT logoA major disturbance has erupted at Wickham Point Detention Centre, in Darwin, Australia, with 20 inmates reportedly harming themselves to prevent their transfer to Nauru Island.

The information comes from an asylum seeker, according to ABC News Australia. Police have confirmed they received a call from the facility, and were on their way to the scene. A woman who says she saw people harming themselves is now at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Police responded to the mayhem at the facility just before 4pm local time (6:30am GMT), following reports of inmates damaging property and rioting, according to a police spokeswoman.

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Non-Lethal Arrest? Arizona Cop Takes Suspect Down With Cruiser – 15 April 2015

RT logoArizona police have released a chilling video showing a police cruiser being used as a simple but effective “non-lethal weapon” to take down a suspect, who police claims has been armed with a rifle he had stolen from Walmart.

The video released by authorities shows the eye level view from a police cruiser as Mario Valencia, the alleged suspect, was walking down a street in Marana, Arizona.

“One round just went out — into the sky,” an officer in the first cruiser is heard saying over the radio. “It’s definitely unlocked now. He’s definitely loaded.”

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – France Considers Forcing Google To Disclose Search Algorithm; Too Much Satisfaction! – 15 April 2015

MishMikeShedlockToo Much Satisfaction!

Heaven forbid consumers actually like something too much.

If they do, they buy it or use it more than they buy or use competing products.  And when that happens, well it must be “unfair” competition.

Lord knows we cannot possibly tolerate too much consumer satisfaction. Continue reading

Only Regional Consensus Can Stop Yemen War, UN Resolutions Won’t – 15 April 2015

RT logoSaudi-led military aggression in Yemen is against international law and will not help stop the crisis, former UN spokesperson for Iraq, Said Arikat, told RT, adding that only a mutual agreement of regional powers, including Iran, can stop the violence.

RT: What do you make of this resolution? How effective do you think it will be in stopping the violence on the ground in Yemen? It clearly does not call on Saudi Arabia to stop bombings.

Said Arikat: Well, it will not do much, to answer your question directly. We have experienced similar resolutions in the past, and really when it comes to what happens on the ground, they don’t really do that much. Because all the bombing even, thus far, led by Saudi Arabia has not really changed the calculus on the ground or changed the realities on the ground.

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