Lisa Gawlas – The Energies Of Change, The ET’s Helping Us Re-Member And More!!! – 16 April 2015

lisagawlas2You that old saying “when you finally figured out all the answers to the questions, they change all the questions” well, that is exactly how I am feeling this days.  Talk about spirits prompting for the last few years of even what you think you know is only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more and it gets deep, really really deep!!!

Let’s talk about change first today.  This is really an enormous thing that affects every part of our lives, the seen and the unseen as I really got to see yesterday thru one of my ET lady’s.  We did her first and only ET session many months ago and then between my rescheduling and her life, we have not done another once since.  I truly anticipated to pick up where we left off from the initial session, meaning same ET’s showing up and exploring the ship that was present yet unexplored during her first session.  Nope.  It was a complete change of venue.  Then again, she also signed up for the May course too and some of what came thru for her to do yesterday, tied in with the pyramid that came thru my ET man the day prior.

When you change your focus even in your spiritual realm, of course your team or teams are going to change to take you further in your new direction.  Often times, there is a lag in connection here on the earth realm until your active consciousness can catch up to the bigger details of your new direction.  Kinda like moving house, gotta get to know your way around.  Just wanted to share that.

Out in the horizon of ET-ville, this huge cog appeared that was solid at least, at first.  There were unrecognizable (to me) glyphs on this cog, when the homework part came thru, suddenly a spiral as well as a series of circles formed around each other, appeared.  Her job was to align the glyphs by moving the energy of the spiral as well as the circles to align the glyphs to open stargates.

Of course, I started talking about the experience with my man the day prior, the pyramid and stuff and suddenly, again in my kitchen (as opposed to out in ET-ville) that cog that was out in the horizon made up the floor itself of this pyramid from the day prior.

Some of the things that I completely forgot to mention yesterday, I want to tie in here now.  Disrupted sleep patterns.  My ET man (with the pyramid of ancient egypt info) was telling about his odd sleep behaviors at night.  He felt like was just awake all night long, he would close his eyes for what felt like a minute, look at the clock and an hour would pass.  Instantly I could see what was really happening with him… these wavy sheets of energy were floating across my living room area and I could see him in bed, roll over to one side and merge into one of the waves in this sheeting.  He moved into an alternate dimension, as he returned it felt like a minute had passed but he was actually gone an hour… returning without memory of his experience.  His team said they were adjusting his frequency of travel and it will become a conscious event as he moves forward.

Equally, it gave us new information about this crazy thing called subdimensions.  As I see it, the dimensional sheets run up and down (sky to ground) and now with the addition of the time waves, they run back and forth (parallel to the ground) but in waves.  If I am understanding this correctly (subject to change with more information, or not lol) each sheathing of time waves represents an era, each wave within that era represents time itself.  Plugging into the right subdimension with the right time wave will take you where you want to go (key twilight zone music here lol.)

Thinking of the subdimensions… we have mentioned before there are many different versions (frequencies) of earth and lets just take the story of Jesus, there are many versions of his story/life out there… knowing which dimension your recalling the experience from and intersecting that with the time wave, allows you to reenter that place and time and frequency.  They all have truth to them because we live parallel lives experiencing various outcomes to many of our choice points, which keeps the story changing and literally keeps us hopping dimensions unconsciously.  I guess, we are about to get rather conscious about it all now!!

Ohhh and something else about the whole fish net stocking visual too.  Those diamond-shaped openings (to my eyes at least) altho completely connecting on the legs of my lady, yesterday, I could see the shape of the diamond kinda floating around in the air space itself, I feel having everything to do with the rolling timelines mentioned with my mans sleeping experience.  How to access them beyond meditation… guess we will (eventually) find out!!

Personally, I have got to give such huge, huge thanx to the validation of this crazy new focus to both team spirit as well as team you.  What we are uncovering now is so beyond anything I ever fathomed before, that in moments of separation (meaning, not connected to you and the field or my own meditations/moments with spirit) I really have to question the validity of what is coming thru.  Last night, as I went to sleep and put on “Ancient Aliens” to fall asleep to, as I was drifting off into lala-land, the series was talking about the ancient aliens and their large stone erections and glyphs and stuff.  The last thing I heard was the speaker saying that they ancient aliens were here to teach us to go beyond our ordinary human life (it was much more detailed than that, but I cannot remember exactly) and my last thought was, they are here again for the same reason.

One of my sessions yesterday, was going over the homework from our last session, a new guide/lady showed up in my kitchen.  I realized that spirit is still using the inside of my house to represent the biological creation of your world (the backyard is your soul light and potential emerging, the front yard is ET-ville and what they are bringing to the table) and my inside house, life itself.  She connected with this lady in her meditation once, and that one time sent her into loopy-ville in her day-to-day life for the following week or so.  Her lady simply showed up (a stout woman at that) and levitated parallel to the floor and suddenly she had all these etheric multicolored strings on her body.)  From that moment forward my actual lady started loosing sense of time (writing the wrong dates, cannot remember the date or day,)  driving the same road she had driven for decades and feeling unfamiliar on it, a momentary sense of being lost, a spaciness in the head when it comes to talking/communicating (she is a counselor, so like me, language is vital lol) and so many more odd, disorienting things.

What started happening is she was semi-consciously entering and exiting various timelines, other frequencies of earth itself.  The information provided thru her explanation of all this was actually rather exciting.

When we travel anywhere, you and I think that we know the way because of the same road, the same landmarks and this is how we travel from point a to point b… well, no, not really.  That is simply what your brain see’s and registers.  When her team was explaining to her about being on the road she traveled for decades and her feeling lost and unfamiliar, they explained she went into an alternate version of earth and we actually travel via a magnetic frequency (just like the birds) and because that magnetic frequency was very different in this alternate version of earth, she lost her bearings while there and felt reoriented once she arrived back into this familiar version.

The spaciness we have been feeling… there are days I swear to god I feel stoned out of my mind and talking, gathering words to form a whole sentence seems so challenging, especially when you and I are together in the field.  This too was explained twice yesterday, for which, I am so grateful for the understanding.  Our language centers are being enhanced, upgraded if you will.  Not the words themselves, but the energetic vibration of our communications.  A higher quantum of light is being inlaid within our language centers so that the release of it thru our communication is easily absorbed/assimilated by anyone we talk with.

It feels too, like the beginning of our use of what we think of as telepathy.  I have noticed especially this month in reading land, you can see what I am seeing, cutting back on my need to ramble, I mean find the words to explain what I see.

Speaking of rambling, I know there is so much more that I want to share, but suddenly, my mind is blank.  Guess the spigot was shut off lol.  On that note, have the most amazing day however it unfolds!!

So much love and gratitude to all of you wrapped in big tight bear ((((HUGZ)))))

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