DEA Spending Millions On Spyware From Foreign Cyber Vendors – Report – 17 April 2015

RT logoDrug cops in the United States have been spent over $2 million on sophisticated surveillance equipment sold to authorities through a front company secretly acting on behalf of infamous Italian cyber vendors, a new report reveals.

The results of an investigation published on Wednesday this week links the US Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as the US Army, to spyware from the Milan-based Hacking Team—a 12-year-old “offensive security” firm that has sold surveillance tools to countries with the worst human rights records on the planet. Together, contracts for the technology between the agencies and a mysterious contractor in Maryland amount to roughly $2.6 million.

According to journalists at Vice’s Motherboard and investigators at Privacy International, a UK-based human rights watchdog, public records and sources familiar with the deal confirm that Hacking Team sold its hallmark surveillance tools to the DEA and the Pentagon through Cicom USA of Annapolis, MD

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