James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 1028 – Financial Survival: From Malthus To Depopulation – 17 April 2015

This week on “Financial Survival” James and Alfred discuss the energy industry, from nuclear and coal to wind and solar, and how its development is controlled by the money powers. We also discuss Malthusian overpopulation propaganda and how it masks a much bigger depopulation agenda.

Nuclear Reactors in Japan Remain Closed by Judge’s Order

Japanese Court Forbids Restart of Takahama Nuclear Plant

City of Kitakyushu Starts Test of Tidal Power Generation in Kammon Straits

Japanese Delegation Signs Tidal Energy Research Agreement with UMaine

Geothermal trove lies mostly untapped despite energy crisis

George Hunt Exposes the Fourth World Wilderness Conference

Corbett Report Radio 121 – Marc Morano vs. Paul Ehrlich

Bracing for Demographic Winter: The “Overpopulation Crisis”

The Last Word on Overpopulation

Episode 094 – You Are Being Sterilized

World Population Becomes More Urban Than Rural

More adult diapers than baby ones to be sold in Japan

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