WikiLeaks Releases ‘The Sony Archives’ Showing Corporation’s Ties To White House – 17 April 2015

RT logoSecret-spilling group WikiLeaks has taken the trove of documents stolen during last year’s colossal Sony Pictures Entertainment hack and made them searchable through a new database to show “the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation.”

The anti-secrecy group announced on Thursday that it has made available a cache containing more than 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails pilfered during the SPE hack last fall when the entertainment conglomerate’s network was compromised by a cyberattack.

Hackers circulated copies of the stolen data when news of the breach began to surface last November, and the correspondence and privileged documents have been available on the web ever since. However, by making the records available for easy searching on the WikiLeaks website, the transparency group is aiming to further expose the corporation through presenting the findings in a new interface that lets users consult more than 200,000 files in a single mouse click.

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