IBM To Louisiana: Mind Our Business Before Passing Religious Freedom Bill – 18 April 2015

RT logoMultinational company IBM has written a letter to the governor of Louisiana voicing “strong opposition” to a bill pending in the state legislature that, observers say, could sanction discrimination against same-sex marriages based on religious beliefs.

Similar to legislation recently passed in Indiana and Arkansas, Louisiana’s so-called religious freedom bill — the ‘Marriage and Conscience Act‘ — is written to protect business owners who oppose same-sex marriage (because of their religion) from government attempts to negate licenses, tax benefits, and other privileges, The Times-Picayune reported.

Critics say the bill will simply enable one’s religion to justify discrimination against gay, lesbian, and transgender people once same-sex marriage is legal in Louisiana. Both Indiana and Arkansas also faced pressure from major corporations to amend their respective laws to avoid potentially discriminatory incidents.

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