Lisa Gawlas – Bombs Away – Torpedo’s Of Light Underway!! – 18 April 2015

lisagawlas2Once again, sleep took precedence over typing two days in a row.  However I do want to quickly sharing a series of insights that came thru some of the conversations last night that I know helped me understand the sometimes, whiplash feeling of, well, feelings, emotions, incredible highs, sudden lows and running the gamut in between.

I could see these long torpedos of pure white light being plunged down from above thru every single version of earth/frequency there is.  This creates openings to the higher wisdom of light, but equally at the depths of darkness, starts to break up the density of darkness.  Imagine the darkness is made out of glass, when these torpedoes hit the glass, it shatters into pieces, I could see those shattered pieces quickly moving upwards into the higher realms of light, meaning, into our personal light field, to be transmuted back into its purity.  We do that by not taking anything fluttering around us personally and especially if it is visible in our field (meaning, coming thru directly from another person or group of people) just use your love field to charge the shards of dense emotions into light again.

We are seeing people melt down, become angry, volatile, it’s simply these light torpedos breaking apart the density within their personal field and they are reacting to the moving emotions within themselves.

I had to go out yesterday to resupply my birdseed and my smokes, and for the first time I can ever remember, the air out there, on my 11 mile trip was dense, unpleasant even.  To the degree, when I got out of my car to walk in either store, it felt like my solar plexus got snagged on something on the ground and was pulled downwards, which actually hurt my physical body.  In my car, and even walking around in my house, this did not happen, just outside on the open landscape.

On my drive home I felt this sense of dread, like something bad is about to happen.  I kept checking in with my body… we getting sick here?  Couldn’t feel any reply, so I asked the earth, something planetary or this area about to go down??  Nuttin.  What the hell??  My whole emotional field felt like it entered the amusement ride the scrambler… whipping to dread, to sadness, to a moment of breathability and back again, not very amusing at all.  The moment I walked into my house, it started to settle down and dissipate.  What the hell??

I realized the multi dimensions are becoming thinner to us, more accessible if you will.  At the onset of this thinning, it is much easier for us to feel and recognize the traumas that are happening in other timelines.  As we pass thru those immediate ones, we will start to feel the deeper levels of earths timelines, the higher frequencies where trauma/pain/sadness was not even a thought in human kind.

When spirit said we have been handed the mantle of responsibility, I realize now it is more than simply expanding into what we are capable of, we are equally the pillars of light set in place to transmute the shards of darkness/density quickly changing/falling apart.

Well, time to get ready for my day.  Group (((HUG)))) to everyone filled with joy and laughter and pizza!!! (smile)

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