Looting And Vandalism In Johannesburg Xenophobic Violence – 18 April 2015

RT logoRioters have looted several shops owned by foreign nationals in a poor neighborhood of South Africa’s largest city early Saturday. Police fired rubber bullets in an attempt to stop the xenophobic unrest spreading across the province during the week.

Violence first erupted in the port city of Durban on Tuesday. At least two foreigners and three South Africans were killed as migrant-owned shops came under attack by rioters armed with machetes and petrol bombs. Another foreign national was attacked and killed in his home in the town of Verulam on Wednesday.

Angry South Africans are accusing foreigners of taking their jobs and committing crimes. Police, ordered by the president to work round the clock, arrested at least 112 people across the KwaZulu-Natal Province in connection with the attacks, but failed to stem the violence as it spread to Johannesburg.

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