Protesters Ask Federal Court To Lift Injunction On Obama Immigration Action – 18 April 2015

RT logoProtesters gathered outside a federal appellate court in New Orleans, Louisiana, calling on a three-judge panel to allow President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration to proceed, thus halting the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants.

Obama’s executive action,signed in November, allows undocumented immigrants who have lived in the US for five years or more, and are parents of American citizens or lawful residents, to undergo criminal and national security background checks. Once these are completed, they are able to pay taxes and defer deportation for three years at a time. The action is expected to affect about five million illegal immigrants.

In December, Texas led a coalition of 17 states ‒ since joined by nine others ‒ insuing Obama, arguing the action violated constitutional limits on presidential powers and would force them to invest more in law enforcement, health care and education.

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