ZeroHedge – A Full Analysis And Step-By-Step Guide For EU Area Residents To Aid In Escaping The Upcoming Bank Bail-Ins & Capital Controls – 18 April 2015

ZeroHedgeHere come capital controls in Europe. Of that, I have little doubt. Actually, they are already here, both in legislative form and in action. Let’s walk through what they are, why they’re here, how they got here, and what you can do to avoid them.

What Are Capital Controls?Capital controls are residency-based measures such as transaction taxes, other limits, or outright prohibitions that a nation’s government can use to regulate flows from capital markets (money) into and out of the country’s capital account. These measures may be economy-wide, sector-specific (usually the financial sector, ex. your bank).

Why Are They Needed By Sovereign Countries?In Despite What You Don’t Hear In The Media, It’s ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt. 1, I discussed the “Trilemma”, as excerpted:

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