Merkel Says Free Trade Sone With Russia Possible – 19 April 2015

RT logoGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that a free trade zone with Russia is possible in the future, despite the current political tensions with the West.

“In the long view it is possible to create a large free trade zone, including with Russia,” Merkel said at Friday’s economic forum in Stralsund. “Step by step we do everything possible to create a common economic area – as Russian President Vladimir Putin once said – from Vladivostok to Lisbon.”

The existing problems in relations between Russia and Germany should be solved with the help of diplomatic discussion, said Merkel, as quoted by Deutsche Welle. She added that the implementation of Minsk agreements should remain the key element in resolving the political crisis over Ukraine and gave assurances that the agreements on association with the European Union signed by Ukraine and Moldova are not directed against Russia.

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