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UN Probe Reportedly Finds Corruption In Afghan Police Oversight Division – 20 April 2015

RT logoA UN sponsored report has stated that Afghanistan government officials in charge of oversight of local police covered up complaints of corruption against law enforcement and has urged their dismissal, according to a copy of the paper seen by Reuters.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is reportedly investigating why its own division, the Law and Order Trust Fund of Afghanistan (LOTFA), which commissioned the report, failed to show it to senior UN officials after it was submitted in January. UNDP did not say why the submission was delayed.

Since 2002 LOTFA, established in 2002, to “enable the international community to mobilize resources to strengthen the country’s law enforcement,” has received around $3.6 billion from international donors to pay Afghan police force salaries and other expenses. It pays the salaries of about 145,000 Afghan National Police (ANP) personnel and over 5,500 uniformed personnel of the Central Prisons Department (CPD). The Electronic Payroll System (EPS) covers 95 percent of the police force, and 91 percent of CPD guards, while the so-called Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) covers 80 percent of salaries for ANP and 94 percent of CPD officers, according to the UNDP website.

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