Feds Investigating Video Of US Marshal Destroying Woman’s Camera – 22 April 2015

RT logoA California woman was videotaping an arrest in a Los Angeles suburb recently when a rifle-toting police officer charged towards her and destroyed the recording device. Now federal authorities say they’re investigating the incident.

The video footage surfaced on the internet over the weekend, showing how the encounter unfolded in the city of South Gate, which is a few miles from downtown Los Angeles.

In the 53-scond clip, a woman is seen holding what appears to be a small camera or cellphone in front of her face, with the police activity occurring around 15 feet in front of her. Halfway through the recording, an officer with a rifle in tow rushed towards the woman and reached for the device.

A loud noise is audible as the officer smashes the camera on the ground and boots it away. He was then filmed walking away from the scene as the woman went to pick up what was left of her device.

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