Austerity Has Damaging Psychological Effect – Something UK Politicians Should Take Note Of – 23 April 2015

RT logoRichard Sudan, is a London based writer, political activist, and performance poet.

With only weeks to go before the general election in the UK, a statement by some of the UK’s leading mental health experts has warned that austerity policies are having a seriously damaging effect on the psychological well-being of ordinary people.

No surprise there you might think, what with food banks and welfare (formerly known as poor relief in the glory days of the empire) sadly becoming commonplace in Britain. But the letter which boasts more than 400 signatories, including counselors and psychotherapists, also calls for Britain’s politicians to take note.

The letter claims, that the strain already being felt by some due to the government’s restrictions on benefits and public spending, will be made worse by further cuts and increasing privatization-policies advocated by all of the mainstream political parties including the so-called Labour party.

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