John Ward – Election 2015: The Left Fawns Over LGBT While The Right Warns Of An Imminent Soviet Invasion. This Is Beyond Tedious – 23 April 2015

JohnWThe twins Barclayzamoff have gone to Warp factor 9 today in a bid to prove that 2015 is Marble Arch and tomorrow will be Monday. Much as these days I’d rather eat glass than offer a link to the Torynaff, today I must break the rule in order to point you at this ludicrous piece from one Andrew Formica, the well-known MFI kitchen surface.

The only polite thing I can say about the column is that it represents one of the most formicating bouts of media drivel I have read in a long time. Observe, however, the comment threads…and ask yourself: does the Barclaygraph management ever read the responses this risible stuff gets?

In the same finance section, there is this scaremongering Zinoviev letter from old Slog-target favourite Jeremy Warner. Seven months after the Election resulting in a Labour/SNP Alliance (says Jeremiah who must Warn Us) ‘A more overtly anti-finance agenda will quickly establish itself, with the new government a more likely push-over for the various banker bashing and anti-City initiatives coming out of Europe than the present Government’.

If that’s designed to frighten folks, then it doesn’t do it for me. The one and only thing I like about the EU is its suspicion of neoliberal bankers. As last night’s Slogpost suggested, I don’t want to live in a country where life will consist of lesbian weekend seminars about how the genders differ in their attitude to fart-recycling. But surely between these mad extremes of mediaevalism and feminism, there lies a place called “What the wishes of the majority might be’?

Last weekend in the Sunday Telegaffe, Janet Daley maintained that the voters are “baffled” by this election contest. For a few brief moment there, I thought Mayor Daley might have something interesting to say: but that was merely another triumph of optimism over experience. Daley wished only to remind her audience that zero hours contracts are a very good thing, lying on the internet is the way forward, and ‘Britain has now incorporated into its political system political leaders who express open contempt for the democratic process’. She was talking not of David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Fallon or Ed Balls, but…Nicola Sturgeon.The fact that Ms Sturgeon’s SNP is going to annihilate all other Parties in Scotland (still part of the UK) seemed to pass her by.

Daley sees this as a watershed election. I see it more as giant potentially dangerous seas building up behind a dam of Establishment indifference….one where the order of the day is to plant lots of pretty pansies, ceanothus and lobelia on the pathway across the dam to make it look prettier.

I apologise, but I found this post today a chore. I am tiring rapidly of the daily need to point out that Britain is being run into the ground by the highly intelligent among us who are not grounded in reality. / link to original article

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