John Ward – Greece : ECB To Announce Press Conference This Afternoon – 23 April 2015

merkdrag23415ptAt one or at odds?

As hopes of a eurogroupe/Syriza deal fade, Draghi is said to be giving a press conference later today

Although Greek PM Alexis Tsipras will hold sideline talks with Germany’s Angela Merkel during the African migrants summit, Reuters claims that ‘the prospects of a reform-for-cash deal when euro zone finance ministers meet in Riga on Friday appear to have evaporated’.

One of the oddities of political life is that MPs, Congressmen and so forth don’t have much power when in Opposition, and even less when they get elected to power.

This is without doubt symptomatic of the fact that Western governments these days do not control their own destiny for dozens of different reasons, the main one being that it is the remotely unelected who have most of the power now. Nowhere is this more true than in the contemporary Greece v EU fiasco.

I urge you to read this Ekathimerini piece of today – not because I agree with all of it, but because it is a balanced account, critical of both Syria and the eurogroupe….and has this wonderful sting in the tail:

‘Tsipras has done a terrible job. Compared with the rest of Europe’s leaders, he looks like a statesman’.

The problem of course is that none of the major players – Schäuble, Draghi and Dijesselbleom – wants a solution: wheelchair Wolfie asks only for unquestioning obedience to his madcap FiskalUnion ideas, Draghi would happily bring on chaos in order to serve his masters at Goldman Sachs, and Jeroan de Gouda wants to be the Chairman of the EU organ that finally did for all opposition to Nordeuropa. (There remain, however, powerful forces in the EC who would very much like to do for him).

Anyway, it now seems there is to be an ECB press conference this afternoon, with Brussels sources suggesting it will be significant. No doubt Draghi will be behind a newly-constructed plate-glass window in order to keep the dancing girls at bay.

The struggle for power over the asylum continues.

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