Air Force Rushes To Repair A-10 After ‘Catastrophic’ Engine Failure In ISIS Territory – 25 April 2015

RT logoAn A-10 aircraft operated by the United States military suffered from a “catastrophic” engine failure during a routine refueling mission and was diverted to a base in Iraq to be repaired, the Pentagon says.

The US Air Forceacknowledgedthis week that a maintenance repair team was deployed to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq recently after the malfunction sidelined an A-10C Thunderbolt II. The Air Force did not note the specific date of the incident, but described the glitch as “catastrophic.”

The jet was not involved in a combat mission when the failure occurred, the Air Force said, but had to be diverted to a base in hostile territory where an expedited repair was ordered to fix the plane’s number one engine.

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