‘Breakthrough’ Malaria Vaccine Developed, But Only Partially Effective – Scientists – 25 April 2015

RT logo(Lucas: We  have here another vaccine sold to the people and only works a little tiny bit….if ever…… So it is not working and still it gets promoted for the drug/vaccine developer?! )

The first vaccine against malaria could potentially help eradicate deaths from the disease within two decades, scientists have claimed.

Although the drug has only shown a partial effect, it nevertheless represents the most clinically-advanced vaccine against malaria to date.

“We finally have in our sights a candidate vaccine that could have a real impact on this terrible disease that affects many children during their first years of life,” principal investigator Kwaku Asante said in a statement released ahead of World Malaria Day on Saturday.

“The large number of children affected by malaria, sometimes several times per year, means that this vaccine candidate, if deployed correctly, has the potential to prevent millions of cases of malaria,” Asante added.

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