EU Allows More GM Crops To Be Imported Following 1.5-Yr Hiatus – 25 April 2015

RT logo(Lucas : And we see again the EU not listening to the “citizens” and humans that said no…. but only showing the real face for control and doing business…for business and profit only. There is no justifiable reason to risk health and contaminate our planet with GM foods and crops. They still want you to belief the  tantrums about only this way feeding the world…. which is proven nonsense.)

The European Union has given the green light to start importing 10 new types of genetically modified crops for the first time since 2013. Two types of flowers have also been cleared, amid heated debates over amendments to the EU approval process.

The crops, which include maize, soybeans, cotton and oilseed rape will be authorized for human food and animal feed for the next 10 years, the European Commission announced on Friday.

The GM crops by Monsanto, BASF and Bayer CropScience will principally be used to feed cattle in Europe, according to Reuters.

The Commission also gave 10-year extensions to seven other crops produced by Bayer, Monsanto, Dupont’s Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences, which had previously been approved. Two types of carnations, developed by Suntory Holdings, have also been cleared for import into the EU.

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